Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Stretch

Running out of time to finish this up - I'd hoped to have the spring version of Palouse Hills join the fall version as a companion piece in my solo show which goes up on Monday. I'm definitely cutting it close.You haven't heard much from me because once I pulled the quilting paper off after completing the stitching, I was disappointed that the green thread did not pop more. I know why - it's that background fabric for one thing - and had to go back in to add more stitching in a few areas. Decided not to go the paint route but live with the more subdued nature - I'll definitely be revisiting these designs at which point different execution should make the end result match more closely what's in my head and make for stronger pieces.

Sometimes a border, or mat, or in this case it will be a separate mount acting as a border, can pull the whole thing together, or help colors stand out. I auditioned fabrics several different days, nothing really doing the trick. I finally brought the first Palouse Hills into the studio to see if that would help. After all, whatever I mounted this second one on should not fight with the first. Even though I'd considered using the same batik as in the fall version, even auditioned against it, I didn't think it was appropriate. Now that the stitching was all done and the edges turned under, I realized it was working as well, actually better, than anything else I had tried. I don't really have the luxury to ponder this longer, so I've made the mount of that batik. I have enough of the braid to go around the outside, or to go around the quilted part but not both as in the first version. I'm about to experiment with something else altogether and if that doesn't work, there's a plan b. Wish me luck.

Of course, this isn't the only thing I've been dealing with these past few weeks - would that it were. There was a small meltdown last week, followed by the reminder about balance and harmony. I've pretty much cleared the decks of non-quilting, non-exhibit priorities now so can really focus on all that needs to come together by Monday, which feels like a lot. Back to the studio...


BJ Parady said...

I like subtle. Nice work.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks, BJ. It's growing on me and looks good next to the first rendition, which also had to grow on me!