Friday, March 09, 2012

Nearly done

Better, much better today. No paralysis and no distractions, diversions. Just a productive day in the studio with good progress made. This photo is a bit of a cheat - the quilt is not mounted and framed yet but I wanted you to get the feel of how it will look with the matte silver-faced frame. It makes all the difference in those printed photo manipulations working on this background.

I decided to fuse Decor Bond to the back of the cotton sateen before trimming up the printed photos - if nothing else it gives good stability when satin stitching them down and eliminated any possibility of the bump of a seam line showing where it wasn't wanted. After treating the edges with a fray check product, I positioned each and glue-basted them in place. Oh, and before that I had ironed a Sulky stabilizer to the back. This is not a true satin stitch, but rather one of the programed decorative stitches on my machine that varies the width of the stitch as it goes along. It gives a more grass-like ragged finish which I like.

The thread is a Sulky Rayon Twist that's not being made anymore to my chagrin. This particular color combination is one of my favorites, perfect for this project, and I was afraid I might not have enough left to go round all three panels. You can see how close I came to using it all. Now I have to decide if I want to add any stitch. I am very tempted to just leave it as is, but my other option would be to stitch along some of the more prominent grass shadows. I've pulled out black, white and grey rayon thread - each panel needs a different color. I don't want to loose the fading effect from one to the other so the thread needs to match the shade of the shadow. What do you think? Stitch or stop?


Cate Rose said...

Looking beautiful, Sheila! Have a great weekend.

Wil said...

I like the piece as it is now, but I think stitching some grass would make it better. Good luck with whatever option you pick.

Sherrie Spangler said...

You've been given the Liebster Blog Award! Check out my blog for details:

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks Wil...I think you've summed up why I can't decide. Like it the way it is, wonder if it wouldn't be even better with stitch.