Monday, April 02, 2012

Working through the rain...

It's official - it really was a record breaking March here as far as rain goes. We got nearly 8 inches, about an inch over the record. Soggy soggy is what it has been. I joke with myself that I may as well be living in Seattle. But do you think Mother Nature would be satisfied? Not at all. April 1st continued wet and windy. The picture above may look like one of my photo-manipulations, run through a filter to emulate puddles or other wet effects, but no - this is just the view through my very wet studio window.

Another view...

And a shot of the still mostly brown grass.

Fortunately, the rain abated today so that I could pack up my art quilts and deliver them without sheathing them in plastic! Today was the day I put up my solo exhibit and I have to tell you, I'm pretty pleased with how it all has come together. More on that in the next post. The second Palouse piece did get done as you can see above.

It was the "something else altogether" that won out on the finishing touches - using a blue braid since I didn't have enough left of the brown used on the first Palouse. I think it works ok and the two pieces look good together.

It wasn't on my list of goals for March, but I soon realized that this venue might be a good one to display a couple of padfolios. I had one ready to go and decided to make at least one more. Of course, I'd fiddled so much with everything else all month that it became a "if I have time" thing.

I have quite a few of the photo-manipulation designs printed up ready to go, so it was just a matter of choosing one and putting my mind to it after the Palouse piece was finished on Friday.

So while the rain poured down on Saturday, I was snug in my studio, enjoying some fairly stress-free free-motion quilting and putting the finishing touches on the last piece for the show. As always, click on any picture for a larger view.

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