Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Retail Therapy

Yesterday I had to make the 45 mile trek to my extra special dentist for a follow-up to a procedure he'd done last August. The tooth in question has been twitchy off and on, probably just a nerve thing, so I was not totally prepared for him to find a problem with the root right next door. Not totally surprised either, as I'm well acquainted with the sensations indicating a potential cracked root or failed root canal. We're doing nothing at the moment but watching it, will be returning in 3 months for another x-ray, sooner if it acts up. I'm not looking forward to 4th year in a row of handing over big sums of money to this guy, but if I must (and I may), he is the best. However, unexpected news like this often results in a bit of self-pity only salved by a little shopping.

As long as I was in town, I'd planned to stop by Bear Paw Quilting, but I had a list and I planned to be very focused about sticking to it. Choose a few spools of King Tut Thread to fill in some gaps in the stash and try to find a close match to an old batik I so badly need more of. As you can see, I did not stick to my list. But how could I resist a few new batiks from a store whose selection rivals stores twice its size?

I can't blame the quilt store for that yarn though. I don't remember there being a yarn shop just around the corner in the same building, although the owner assures me it's been there at least 3 years. Knit-n-Crochet has some wonderful yarns, and many not carried by my also good local yarn shop. I actually went in there first, retail therapy in full mode, subconsciously determined to find something unusual to buy. Much to choose from but it was this Ella Ray Kasbah that caught my eye as perfect for my art quilts. Why decide between colorways when three of the four fall within your most used palettes?


Wil Opio Oguta said...

LOL Lovely yarn. And of course it was calling your name

The Idaho Beauty said...

It certainly was Wil, no doubt about it!