Sunday, April 29, 2012

Remember this challenge?

Back in December, I took part in a "Telephone Challenge" which required me to make a small piece of art inspired by the one done by the person passing the challenge on to me. All the small pieces of art returned to the organizer of the challenge, who promised to post them on the internet. We also had the option of asking for our art to be returned, and I decided that I did indeed want mine back.

I'd totally forgotten about it though, so was surprised when it showed up in my mailbox last week, along with a note sending me to the website where the challenge results are posted.  I didn't know how far down the challenge I was nor where it had started. As it turns out, I was number 14, and I am amazed at how far things have diverged in that short amount of time from the original artwork. I wondered too if mine and possibly the fiber artist I passed it on to would be the only ones incorporating fabric onto the cardstock we were given. We were not the first, nor were we the last.  And the challenge is not over yet - more artwork to come.  You can view all current results at

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