Friday, April 06, 2012

POAC's "Art of the Needle" Fiberarts Exhibit

After getting my solo show up on Monday, I had one day to finalize "Shadow Grass"; the fiberarts show sponsored by POAC and Pandhandle State Bank would go up on Wednesday and that quilt was on the promotional postcards. How so, you may ask, if it wasn't finished? Cheating, I say. You may remember that I was unsure about adding stitch to it, and decided that even if I did, it wouldn't be too obvious on the postcard if that stitching was missing. So I took the photo as the top hung on the design wall, straightened and cropped it in my photo software, added a black border in same software and sent the results off. The image ended up even smaller on the postcard than I anticipated, so no problem.

But now I had to decide one way or another and get the piece framed up. After more draping of threads and consideration, I decided against adding any stitch and once stretched over canvas and placed in its floating frame, I did not regret that decision. Here it is at the exhibit, along with "Fracture" which first debuted at last year's ArtWalk. They make a nice pair.

Here's a sneak peak at the exhibit. We are really pleased with the quality and diversity in this show which is not just about art quilts like this bright Italian village scene by Meg Marchiando.

It also includes some wearable art like this magnificent free-form crochet jacket by Pat Congleton.

Mary Bowie makes beautiful appliqued designs, some beaded, that are then stretched over hoops. Hung in a window, they read like stained glass, but are equally beautiful hung on the wall.

There's pine needle baskets and jewelry like these by Debbie Todd.

And Brazilian Embroidery by Gayle Solomon.

We also found a needlefelter. These whimsical creations are by Kirsten Wall.

But mostly there are quilts. This is one of my favorites by Marty Bowne.

These 4 big flower quilts are by 4 friends who took a workshop together. Each gave the pattern their own spin and most added a very large dimensional element in the center.

This is a rather large and beautifully done quilt by Karla Harris. To give you a little perspective, the woman is slightly larger than life.

This is just a taste of what this exhibit has to offer. Art of the Needle runs through June 15th with opening reception on Friday, April 13th.


Sherrie Spangler said...

This looks like a really good show! I love your piece the made the postcard, and I like the way you framed it.

Cathie said...

This looks like a wonderful exhibit. Your work, as always is so beautiful - so full of color and texture.