Friday, April 20, 2012

A Look at Diamonds in the Rough

Bill Klein's "Black Swan"

As promised, here are some pictures of the "found object" art in POAC's current Diamonds in the Rough exhibit. Of course, these works of art are best viewed in person - opening reception tonight starting at 5:30 and the exhibit runs through June 15.

An inventive use of cast iron stove doors. The image is already embossed on them. The artist, Bill Klein, added paint to bring them out.

One of our new artists, Carrie Westby, salvages vintage cabinet cards that once held old photographs and uses the graphic designs on them as inspiration for her pen & ink/colored pencil art.

Darlene Pfahl specializes in beaded jewelry. Probably a one-off, she advises us, is that vase - a plain glass cast-off that she has then woven her beading over.

Dawn Hawks work always tells a story. Tis you! Tis me! incorporates a mirror - in this case it is reflecting the staircase. As you view the art, it reflects you.

These are some of my favorites - Jon Saylor's Chevy hood ornaments, enhanced with plastic "flames" and mounted on metal stands. Fabulous!

This was our greatest challenge to hang - a doublebed-size set of flattened and rusting springs. Wonderful round smooth rocks are trapped in the coils along the bottom and pieces of wood threaded through top and bottom. I'm not sure what that is in the center (detail to right). This is by Jennifer Del Carlo.

These painted bells by Jan Welle are made from spent oxygen tanks.

This is Harold by Kevin Watson. Harold was to be a free standing sculpture, but as so often happens, the idea didn't work out as expected. So we just have Harold's head to hang on the wall - a heavy stone disc with leather ears, a metal grill for a mouth and copper eyes.

Leatta Judd is our Paper Mache artists - recycling at its best!

Well, blogger is being a pain about adding pictures today. Think it's time to close out this post and share the rest of the exhibit in a new one.

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Margaret Cooter said...

Looks good! Aren't people creative...