Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rochester Art Center

 As I mentioned in the last post, Saturday was my birthday, partly celebrated with the Greeks at the Orthodox Church. But before that, I spent a few hours on my own, exploring the area of Rochester around the Civic Center along the Zumbro River. I'm still having trouble being impressed with this slow-moving river that meanders through town and widens at one point into Silver Lake. But the city has utilized it well with bike paths and parks. Behind the Civic Center you can see they've incorporated steps for sitting and several foot bridges cross it.

I looked for interesting lines and reflections and found them.

This is looking downstream towards where the river will soon become the lake. There was a young boy fishing along there. See that yellow just right of center?

That would be this incredible house which fit in no way, architecturally or colorwise, with the rest of the neighborhood. But it sure was bright and cheerful!

Also on the backside of the Civic Center is a park where a wedding was about to begin. In my day, the wedding photos were taken AFTER the ceremony, but now they are usually taken before. There was still a lot of setting up being done and rain threatened.

As I rounded the building, I finally came to my destination - Rochester Art Center, which is attached to the Civic Center. They are quite proud of that building, although I found it pretty ugly. Inside, though, it was rather nice, and has public space for wedding receptions and private parties. It has no art collection of its own, but focuses on contemporary art and emerging local artists.  I'd come to see the Miguel Calderon exhibit: Color Bleed. I came away shaking my head at most of his work. But it was interesting to see the installation, read the artist statements and get chills in the small pitch black room where a very dim video of a jaguar played, its snarls surprisingly startling even though you knew it was only a recording.  The emerging artist exhibit was, well, an emerging artist - again somewhat interesting but really a bit weird. The most fun was the art made by young students in the summer art program. Of course, no pictures allowed so nothing I can share.

I wrapped up my birthday with dinner at the Olive Garden, compliments of my friend and current roomie, Judi. Here we are outside the restaurant waiting for our table like we've been waiting for her appointments at the clinic...with pager in hand - it was too ironic!

We both enjoyed the seafood pasta - so good! Thank you Judi, for making my special day special indeed.

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Margaret Cooter said...

Belated happy birthday!

The yellow house is amazing. When something doesn't fit in the way that does (or doesn't), you might as well go all out and do something astonishing - and they did...