Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rochester's Soldiers Field Park

Some days we have time to go beyond the immediate downtown area, out of the Mayo Clinic Campus, to explore what else Rochester has to offer. There are many parks, including Soldiers Field Park which we walked to while we were still staying at the Kahler. It has some lovely big trees, providing the shade we were looking for and this head on the side of one of them.

Ok, not really a head, but a burl. But truly, we both saw that profile of a man...

Lots of texture in the bark. The one tree has an almost woven effect the way the lines wrap around near the roots but go vertical on the trunk.

As the name implies, the park includes an extensive memorial to American war veterans, particularly those from this part of Minnesota. It was quite sobering walking around and through it, reading the names and viewing the statuary, contemplating the lives lost in the many conflicts this nation has participated in, including its own civil war.

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