Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rochester's Plummer House

Sunday afternoon was particularly lovely and the perfect day to tour the grounds of The Plummer House which sits atop "pill hill" so named because so many of the early doctors working at the Mayo Clinic, including Dr Stanley Plummer, built their homes there.

There's a fee for touring the inside of the house but the grounds and gardens are open to the public. We chose to just take pictures of the outside of the beautiful Tudor house.  More about the house here.

We'd spotted this tower poking up above the trees from the highway below. Judi was sure it was Repunzel's tower. In fact, it was built as a water tower. We could envision children having so much fun playing around this tower and the rest of the grounds.

There's a long long lawn beyond the house and along the water tower - you could imagine playing crochet there -and of course, we spotted interesting trees flanking it: tall feathery pines, gnarly-limbed oaks, a twist in the bark that I couldn't explain.

Lovely walkways connect the upper and lower gardens. Stones quarried on site were used throughout.

The pool at the end of the lower garden took our breath away. Unfortunately, my pics were washed out and can't begin to show how impressive this was.  Yes, the pond really was that blue, but only because of the way the bottom had been treated with that unnatural blue hue.

At the opposite end of the large grassy area was another pool, dark and murky.  Rocky walls run along one side, the other is open to trees - a beautiful setting for weddings and parties.

While we walked the grounds and sat for awhile listening to the wind through the trees, isolated from the noise of the city and usual flat views, we could almost believe we were back home in the mountains we both love. It was such a restorative few hours for us.

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