Sunday, March 09, 2014

Art Journaling What You Want

This week's art journaling exercise uses something I've tried before - drawing wavy lines in which to write your text - see this post. The spread is simply painted, the lines and text applied with the blue pen from my new gel pen set. It was suggested to practice on a piece of scrap paper to get the spacing down right, and I was glad that I did.

So the journaling prompt was to think about something that you really want and why you want it. I really want to visit New Zealand someday - it's been on my list for years. I've blurred my reason - you don't mind that I keep it private, do you? On the opposite side of the spread we were to add a picture or collage a group of pictures cut from magazines or even use a personal photograph on hand. Would you believe I could not find a single image of New Zealand in my stack of magazines, not even in New Zealand Quilter? I guess the dream is all in my head at this point. So I searched the internet for images to download. What a beautiful country! I printed them from Corel Paint Shop Pro where I sized and collaged them on the print layout screen. After pasting the cutout onto the page, there were some blank spots which I decided to fill with spirals reminiscent of some Maori designs. I went over the letters a second time to darken them, and because of that lime green in the map and the lime green in my pen set, I went over the lines, around the pictures and filled in the spirals with green. And now we have told the universe what we want so we can let it go and let the universe bring it to us. Do you believe in that?

I also did some dyeing today - it's in the wash right now, so pictures soon.


Living to work - working to live said...

I am so enjoying this journey of yours!

Chris said...

I LOVE the spirals around the photos. Now you have me curious as to why you want to go to New Zealand. It certainly is a beautiful county. There are several places I want to visit, but mostly they are in Europe. Plus I would like to go back to Hawaii.

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Sheila!
Thanks for updating... beautiful post!
I guess you can access New Zealand by Pacific so it wouldn't be so difficult.
Once I read in 84 Charing Cross Road that Helene Hanff dreamed for decades to know London for literary motives, so... I hope you can go to New Zealand soon.
Well, particularly I know that if I prayed to the Almighty Good Lord, one day, if He wanted, we would bless me. A personal God is better than a impersonal universe, I believe.
Thanks again!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thank you, Lucia. It's still a very long flight from here to New Zealand, but not as bad as if I lived on the other coast. I know I would be so inspired by the scenery - I hope it doesn't take decades of dreaming like it did Helene Hanff!

I like what you say about a personal God. I know that some people find it easier to refer to God as the universe - it's very much the same thing to them. I do believe that if it's God's will for me to make the trip, it will happen, but I also believe He expects me to do some of the work to make it happen! And that's ok by me. Thanks for sharing.

Michele Matucheski said...

Ah, New Zealand! That's on my bucket list, too! I want to walk part of that trail ... So green!