Monday, March 31, 2014

Art Journaling With Embellishment

I had an attitude problem yesterday in regards to my Sunday Positively Creative Art Journaling practice. There was nothing new to try in preparing the spread for journaling, and I was not particularly interested in working with the prompt. It was a bit of a harumph feeling that brought out that rebellious streak in me. I considered just doing my own experiment with the spread but in truth, I didn't feel like getting the paints out. I was pretty happy with the other things I had planned for the day, so maybe this was a good week to skip. Or...maybe this was a good week to go back to these extra pages I added with the intention of embellishing them with Zentangle designs.

Here it is shown in its proper orientation. I actually didn't get to it until today, but my, what a transformation, especially to the top one where I was able to integrate a partial design into a more complete design. These two pages make me exceedingly happy! The additions were done with a black Micron pen with the exception of the center of the circles around the big flower. They were filled in with that lime green pen from my new gel pen set. I also did some shading in pencil around the big flower which was tricky over the acrylic paint - not at all like shading on regular paper. I had hoped that I might add highlights with colored pencil, but the acrylic was much too smooth of a surface for any of the wax pigment to adhere to.


Connie Rose said...

I love these pages!!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Rebelious streak, hein?
I made me smile, because sometimes I have them too!
Thanks a lot for explaining the process instead of merely show the results.
By the way, the pages are beautiful
Thanks again!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yeah, Lucia, I definitely have one! Thanks for the compliment on the pages. You too, Connie.