Friday, March 14, 2014

March on the Lake

Considering that a few weeks ago we got 9 inches of snow, our current warm-up to 50 degrees is quite the contrast. After a weekend of rain rain and more rain, two days of this warmer weather coupled with SUN! sent me off to City Beach for my walk. This is my favorite place to sit, the impact that the view has on me lost in the photo. Can't really explain why this particular view feels so special, but it has healing powers for me. I often come here if I am troubled, sad, or in need of working something out. It's also a great place to just be when there's not a thing wrong, and when things are in fact great for a special reason. However, with the breeze off the icy lake, it's still a bit too chilly for me to want to sit and linger.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the park, of course. There were the usual hunters with their metal detectors taking advantage of the low level of the water, people walking with dogs (which raises the question, "What part of 'NO DOGS IN PARK' don't you understand?"), parents with young kids, and people like me just out to enjoy the sun and the view. Frankly, I did not expect to find ice along the shoreline and no one was concerned about "No LIfeguard On Duty". I've seen people wading in the water when the rest of us were still bundled up but not this day.

People had been playing with rocks along the beach. Soon these will be underwater.

Actually, I'd not taken my camera the first day, thinking there'd be nothing to shoot. Luckily, the good weather continued the next so I could get these shots. But even in 24 hours, the ice had started to recede, or maybe the water level rise. I didn't remember this stack of rocks being in the water like this.

But this is the real reason I came back with my camera. This is on the north side of a jetty. I was fascinated by the patterns created, I'm assuming by the wind and the gentle movement of the open water. Maybe by the thawing and refreezing as well.

Looking the other direction out into the lake. Lovely curving scalloping line. Not sure how well you can see it (click on pic for a larger version) but the lake had three distinct bands of color, ending in the dark blue on the opposite shore.

The edge of the ice was a bit broken but hanging together as the water rocked it up and down. 

The next section was quite smooth ice, but with some longer cracks. And finally near the shore, the rounded undulating forms.

They've been replacing the wooden benches with these metal ones, which I noted had some great design motifs and beautiful lines. In fact, I couldn't help but think, now there's a classy elegant bench! I bet if it could talk, it would be with a French accent. "Oh, mon ami, come seet wiz me..."  Oh, did I just butcher that terribly??? 


Susan Sawatzky said...

And you did notice the curve of the bench and the curve of the water in the picture above it?


The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, well, of course not! But I do think my mind was making that connection as I took all those water pictures first, and then spotted the detail on the bench later (after walking past it several times). The subconscious is a wonderful thing!

The Inside Stori said...

What a restful and contemplative place to hang out!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ah, Mary - you should join me sometime! Then again, you never get even close to my neck of the woods anymore, do you?

Michele Matucheski said...

Good eye, Sheila! I love the jetty pictures--and I love to see what you see. It's much more than just a landscape / seascape!

And that park bench with the undulating designs on the side--That is the very motif I'm set to quilt into my current project. Been thinking about that for a while--funny to see it there on your blog. Cheers!