Tuesday, March 04, 2014

February Wrap

This won't take long. February is a short month to begin with, but my quilting really took it on the nose since so much of the month was devoted to all things sinus related. When I made out my list of things I might work on, I transferred the few things I didn't get to from the January list and added quite a bit more - very optimist. As I look at the list now, I see I only managed to cross off one thing, finishing the quilting and binding on the half-square triangle quilt. All else remained thoughts and dreams in my head - not totally bad. The art journaling is not part of the list since it is a weekly routine, & I did managed to stay faithful to it. I also don't note sketching activities like the Zentangles, although maybe I should. They were a good substitute in those weeks after the surgery when working in the studio simply was not an option. The snow-dyeing was an impulsive spur of the moment thing - I allow for that, and I must say it felt very good to be doing something - anything - with fabric again.

I want March to be different, of course. I'm planning on applying for ArtWalk again, so need to finish a piece or two for the application form due mid-April. Those pieces were on February's list, so they will top March's list. I have the makings of another padfolio ready to go (and a taker for it), so it too is on the list. In fact, I can pretty much scratch out "February" and write in "March" and be ready to go. Now, if the body will just match the willingness of the spirit!


Lucia Sasaki said...

My the Almighty bless your efforts!
A great March for you!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thank you, Lucia. I need some blessing right now!