Thursday, July 24, 2014

Padfolio Progress

Geez, I took the pictures, then got sidetracked, forgetting I hadn't shared what I did about closures on these latest padfolios. Just couldn't bring myself to add a button to the flap as it would interfere with that nicely placed leaf on the band. While velcro is one solution, I personally tire of the ripping sound. Sometimes you have to give quite a tug to release the flap and then you have the grabby side exposed to catch on clothing or whatever. I have a journal that I purchased for a guest book that uses the magic of embedded magnets to keep the flap closed. I've experimented with this in the past, but it is tricky getting the magnet placed properly under the fabric, and the magnet must be thin, which means it often isn't strong enough to work well through the fabric. This time I decided to try it without embedding. After all, what's the problem with it showing, since the velcro shows too?

These are self-adhesive strips which appear to stay stuck to the fabric pretty well after weighting them down overnight. I didn't do that weighting thing with the first one, and when I sprayed it with my favorite uv/repellent spray, the moisture seeped under and the magnets fell right off. Hmmm. Those were reattached with the help of a little Gem-Tac glue. The second one seemed to do alright with the weight and wait. I still would prefer for this type of closure to be invisible, but I very much like how the magnets work to keep the flap in place.

I gave June her choice of these two padfolios, secretly feeling this one should be hers but not wanting to second guess her preference. Have you received a gift from someone who obviously thinks you will love it, but you can't imagine why they would think that? Well, in this case, I was right - June did want this one, and for the moment, I've set the other one aside for myself. Remember I said I'd never made one to keep? I grew very fond of this one and especially the lining and pockets I chose for it. I like the clean look both have by using the magnet closure - impressed that the part of the design that overlaps when the flap is closed nearly lines up with the part underneath.

So these two are spoken for, but I've fused the remaining three bands to that commercial fabric I mentioned. It's a Fossil Fern that works so well with my skeletal leaves (which in this picture look a bit washed out). These with the mirror image design will be for sale, and I'll post them here when done.


Michele Matucheski said...

Brilliant solution with the magnet strips! And good idea with the weight and wait. I haven't had a lotta luck with them staying stuck, but I never did the weight & wait. I may have to try that on my next batch of journals in the fall.

Love the Fossil Fern fabric, too. It's so rich and 3D-looking from here. Very nice combination of fabrics!

The Inside Stori said...

The clean look of the hidden closure really benefits this piece.....good idea!

Chris said...

2 more beautiful padfolios. I will be interested to see if the magnet things stay stuck.