Friday, July 25, 2014

Try Me Thread

Donna from my art group is a big fan of Superior Threads. While I am partial to Superior's King Tut thread, I'd not bothered trying any of the others, happy with the brands I had on hand. She mentioned I could join their thread club, but the last thing I feel I need at the moment is packages of thread arriving on a regular basis. I did that for years with Keepsake Quilting's fabric medley of the month. I built up quite the stash of reproduction fabrics, more than I'll ever use, and I found it hard to finally stop the automatic shipments. Ok then, she countered, you can just try a few you're curious about without having to pay full price (try me specials). No, I'm just fine with what I've got, I decided. That was until 1) I saw an ad that led me to believe Superior is now producing my beloved but discontinued Sulky Ultra Twist rayon thread, and 2) I got an e-mail offer from Superior announcing a July special of additional discounts off their "try me" page of threads (scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter for details and promotional code). Ok fine - count me in!

Give me a good deal and I go a little crazy. I ordered a few more than I really needed to, but the pricing was so good! Of course, you have to take whatever color they send - potluck there - but it was as if they already knew my preference. TWO teal threads, a King Tut not in  my stash and perhaps just what I need for one of the upcoming baby quilts, an orange that I know from past experience I wouldn't buy but has turned out to be just what I needed, and a couple of other strong colors I normally shy away from. There's trilobal and their extra-long staple cotton as well as a 100 wt silk that I'm anxious to compare with YLI's that I'm so attached to. Oh, and the Twist that started this all off is the purple one, I don't currently have a Sulky ultra twist in purple and it's a color I can really use. It looks to be just like the old Sulky product except instead of rayon, it's a trilobal which should be even better. I'm actually glad I didn't have to choose the colors on this try me! I'd probably still be sitting at the computer trying to decide what to put in my cart. 


ZenQuilter said...

Ahhh, Sheila, so glad you gave it a go and it turned out ok. Will be anxious to hear what you think of the threads. I really am a die-hard Superior Thread fan and (better yet)their customer service is also Superior! Donna

Lucia Sasaki said...

Dear Sheila, how good you are satisfied with your experience with the threads!
I want to to thank you for
1. You seeing my last posts, I am sorry that I couldn't translated it these, I was very tired this last week.
2. You inspiring me about artistic meetings: the last post is about my storytellers monthly meeting and we started to make visual creations about the chapters of the book we are reading to enrich
our discussions. As my friends shown their creations I remembered your meetings and I thought to myself: Wow, I have my artistic circle here in my city!!

So, thanks for inspiring me.

Chris said...

I have an entire collection of superior threads nature colors (poly) that was a Christmas gift form my husband. Plus I have many others. I did see the try me offer they had and I discarded it. I may have to rethink ordering it. What I really need are variegated threads. I don't have too many of those.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Lucia - thank you so much for sharing that. I was so interested in the drawings on your post - indeed you DO have your own artistic circle. And I am humbled that I have inspired you.

As for the lack of translations - never apologize for that! I run them through an on-line translator which in itself is entertaining. Some of the word choices make little sense and others I know are absolutely wrong so it keeps me smiling as I translate the translation!

Margaret Cooter said...

Hah, you got lucky with the colours! And because they aren't ever-so-carefully chosen, there's no need to hoard them for "just the right project" ... you can enjoy trying them out!

The Idaho Beauty said...

True and true, Margaret! I really do have that sense of freedom when I either get free or greatly reduced thread. Let the fun begin!