Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer in Sandpoint

We are in the midst of a heatwave - get into the 90's in Northern Idaho and while not unheard of, it is deemed a tad outside the range of normal. And so the tendency is to get out and take advantage of it while it lasts! So much going on this weekend in town and I decided to take some of it in. I started with the first annual Beerfest sponsored by one of our local breweries.

MickDuffs has moved their brewing facilities out of the space where they also run a brewpub and into the space recently vacated by Pend Oreille Winery. This is a favorite pastime of businesses in Sandpoint - a sort of musical chairs of available locations. The winery has moved across the street into an historic building they have been restoring. Anyway, this open lot next to the building is where specialty events are held, weather permitting. And boy, was the weather permitting this day - note people crowded into the only bit of shade save some canopies set up over some tables. Gotta love the mural on the side of the otherwise nondescript building.

Perhaps trying out various beers on one of the hottest days of the summer isn't the greatest idea, especially without a designated driver to get you home. Not to worry - it's been awhile since I'd wandered the downtown streets where there is plenty to look at. I'd crossed the street to check out the sign of a business I'd not heard of (another Sandpoint pastime - businesses opening and closing before you knew they were there) and found myself looking down at the foundations of the historic Farmin Building. Was I still a little tipsy or is this actually an interesting pattern of stone and mortar?

And was I seeing things as I passed by this alley? I thought I had caught a kid "tagging" - we've not had a lot of that here but some - but he seemed not a bit in a hurry or worried about getting caught. I'm pretty sure this is part of a project as I recognized the name of a local art teacher making claim to the astronaut scene.

Still feeling a bit of the effect of the beer, I made the dangerous decision to wander through Coldwater Creek - our local retail claim to fame that is in the last of its bankruptcy deep discount sales. I found a silk/cotton cardigan at 80% off - a real steal. Across the street, I snagged a flowing skirt off a sidewalk sale rack at not nearly as good a price, but on sale all the same. Not sure why I thought I needed retail therapy this day but I guess I was partly influenced by the fact I so seldom find things I like that fit and look good. Or maybe it was the heat...justify justify!

Coldwater Creek has a wine bar above its retail space and I've not heard what its fate is but a quick check showed it is still open and serving. Now here's something odd I could not resist capturing. First, one doesn't see a lot of men in suits around Sandpoint, especially on a Saturday, and especially on a super hot summer Saturday. Add the hat and I really have to wonder who this guy is and what's his story.

My story is to get back on the street and continue my wander, which led me to The Chocolate Bear and its sign advertising huckleberry icecream. Oh yes, must get one of those - so perfect on a summer's day.

Most of the stores were closing up by now so time to head back to the car. Still noting things to capture like this grouping of rocks gracing the facade of an otherwise plain bank building.

And by chance, I'd parked in front of the building I sketched not long ago - the one my guidebook indicated had gargoyles. I scanned the eaves to no avail, then realized this is what it was referring to. I guess technically it is right, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

Finally, what quilter could resisting snapping a pic of this cement planter at the stop of the stairs?


The Inside Stori said...

Beer, ice cream & chocolate....does it get any better....oh wearables too!

Chris said...

Sounds like a fun day. New clothes and some good food and some quilt inspiration.