Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tying Up Loose Ends

It's hot out there so the air-conditioned studio has become a bit of a haven. A good time to pick up the pieces set aside for the "ArtWalk Push" and get some pleasant work done.

Overstamping the cover for June's padfolio - she already sent me the painting she wanted to exchange for it.

Adding a floral motif to the ugly art cloth now transforming into fabric for a bag of some kind. I'm trying out a little wooden stamp Robin (from my art group) watched being carved during her visit to India. If you click for a larger view, you can see the stamp in the upper right. Not sure about the color of the paint I chose but it was the third one I tried.

Test printing new photo manipulation designs for padfolios. Looks like I'll be making more than the one for June this month.

Using up the leftover purple strips from the last fabric basket. This one is destined for another birthday girl who celebrates at the end of July.

Feels like a pretty productive couple of days...