Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Another Year Passing

Counselors at Camp Cross circa 1975
Pardon this indulgence on the anniversary of my husband's passing.
This is the man I fell in love with . . . however, not without a lot of persistence on his part.

This is the man who changed my life, elevated it, enriched it.

This is the man I lost 16 years ago, his passing also changing my life, showing me my true self, my true strength.

He changes me still, influences me when I let my thoughts linger on him, remembering the faith he had in me.

I know he's doing great things in the Great Beyond.

And I know he wants me to keep doing great things in the Great Right Here. Yup, it's part of what keeps me going.


Chris said...

Love the photo. You guys look so happy and in love. I can tell that even after 16 years you still miss him.

Marybeth said...

Good and wonderful memories are a great place to rest one's mind....sometimes better than a pillow!! It is nice to see that love lingers.

The Inside Stori said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes…….Marybeth said it best…….

Kaija said...

Beautiful words. Lots of love.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thank you for your words, everyone, words of understanding and support. I agree with Mary Stori. Marybeth, that is the most lovely sentiment - the thought of resting one's mind in memories - well, sometimes we really do need a good rest in them! Thanks for helping me see that is is more than ok to do that.

Michele Matucheski said...

Oh, Sheila. Love doesn't cease with death. It just changes things ... We live in in the memories of those who loved us.