Friday, July 22, 2016

Rest of ArtWalk at the Bank- Mixing It Up

I mentioned that the last of the art from Columbia Bank is a bit in its own league. Most falls under the "mixed media" category and then some clay and mosaics. I should have included this first one with the paintings, but overlooked it until today. It's a watercolor by Jean Spinosa, but she enhances that gnarly old tree with pen and ink - a touch that intrigued and made all the difference to me.

You can see that addition of pen and ink in this detail shot.

Mosaics by Cheryl Klein

Have to admit that rounding the corner to see these bright and sparkling mosaics put a smile on my face. It's been awhile since this medium has been represented.

This detail shot of the piece on the right in the group shot shows the variety of glass she uses. I'm guessing some of those are from dishes. The stones make the perfect border.

Our area is well known for its ski resort at Schweitzer Mountain and the mountain shows up often in photographs and paintings. Not sure I've ever seen it rendered as a mosaic.

The detail shot of this one reveals the inclusion of pieces of mirror. See my  camera in the reflection?

And now for something very different and again it made me smile. Barry D. Burgess fashioned his whimsical mixed media pieces from foam board and recycled computer parts.

Be sure to check out the titles of his work - click on any photo for a larger view.

I was happy to see this piece, "NOW", by Kevin Watson, as I'd viewed it in his studio when my art group spent a day on the art studio tour last summer. Kevin is another artist whose mixed media work includes recycled parts in creative ways to come up with pieces slightly skewed and utterly delightful. This however he said he made as a reminder to never put off working on his art, no excuses, get to work now. I myself had just run across an inspirational quote to get one going in the studio - SAY YES - and thought I should put that up in my own studio. I could easily make a quilt banner similar to his metal one. (And no, I haven't done it yet. I may be saying yes about more, but forget the now part.)

Not sure I noticed the bell at the top before.

But I did not get close enough to it in his studio to realize that the metal parts were attached to a thick band of leather.

Finally we have Leata Judd, who is a true icon in this area. She's getting on in years but that hasn't stopped her output of whimsical work, much of it meant for the outdoors. Among her offerings this year is this mixed media piece. I studied it closely and am not sure why it falls in that category, but I couldn't really tell you what she used to make this lovely serene drawing/painting. It was particularly susceptible to reflections off its glass.

This clay piece is more what I'm used to seeing from her.

And what a delight to see her clay rendition of our historic train station. I wrote about it here when I sketched it in 2014. It has since undergone quite a renovation.

Not exactly to scale, not exactly a copy of the real thing, but the locals wouldn't have to be told that this was their depot.

So what exactly is that she's placed on the rooftop? Has to be from Leata's imagination as I've never seen a nest there, and not even sure I've seen a bird like that in our area. Kinda perks it up though.

Hope you've enjoyed my guided tour of a part of ArtWalk 2016. 


Living to work - working to live said...

These are fab. Thanks for the tour. H xxx

The Inside Stori said...

Thank you for the tour…..what an amazing collection of artistic talent in your area. Loved Kevin’s metal work….wasn’t able to find a website for him to explore further.

Hope you are doing well??

The Idaho Beauty said...

I can always count on you two to appreciate the slightly quirky! Mary, I don't think Kevin has a website - I couldn't find anything either. However, you can see another one of his pieces from a 2012 exhibit (as well as one of Leata Judd's paper mache pieces) on this blog post - scroll to the bottom:

As for me - plugging along. :-)