Monday, July 11, 2016

Doin' the ArtWalk

Couldn't resist the classic feet shot
While it is a great honor to be in ArtWalk, that ties you to one location during the opening receptions so you don't get to do ArtWalk, not until later. I know it's not the Third Monday of the month, but my art group had to juggle dates again and chose today as our July meeting date and doing ArtWalk as our activity. There were 5 of us today, and although we started out at the bank where three of us are exhibiting, we soon realized we'd all gotten a chance to see the art on the other floors.

Foiled by a closed site, we contemplate jaywalking

So it was off to other locations. The bank is just one of 30 businesses displaying art for ArtWalk with a total of 120 or so artists participating (around 25 artists just at the bank). With map in hand we struck out only to discover we'd picked a bad day. Many businesses are closed on Monday - even the event sponsor POAC itself. Oh well, we saw what we could see and enjoyed ourselves anyway. ArtWalk runs into September so we have plenty of time to check out the other locations.

Snails anyone?

I forgot to get the camera snapping so this is the only art I captured today. Aren't these yard ornaments great? They are at Petal Talk, a florist shop, and made by Melissa Hollis.

Love the turtle's eyes

I'm guessing one reason I didn't think to take pictures of the art today is because I'd already taken a bunch at the bank on another day, ones that I will share with you in future posts. Stay tuned! 



The Inside Stori said...

Be still my heart……I LOVE repurposed metal ‘yard art’……..thank goodness I live so far away, otherwise I’d be hauling some of it home with me!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I'd forgotten about your penchant for yard art, Mary. They said most of her pieces had already sold, so you might have been fighting with the locals for a favorite one were you close enough to shop here. :-)

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

Is Melisa Hollis local? I'm trying to locate Hollis Artworks phone number. Would appreciate it if you could locate for me!! Thanks. Cassie Phillips, Bonners Ferry