Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Few More INKtober Cups

I made handles for my basket yesterday and meant to get them attached today to have something textile-related to show before sharing the next group of cups. But I've frittered the day away in masterful procrastination because, as excited as I am about these handles, I anticipate I won't enjoy the process necessary to secure them to the basket. So instead, you get more INKtober sketches of coffee cups!

It occurred to me that this subject is sustaining my interest not only because of the variety of mugs I own, but even more so by the fact that there is a story behind each one. They are an eclectic collection representing over 40 years of experiences, travel, interactions, finds and gifts. Whether bought as a souvenir (or received as one), chosen from an array of pottery at a fair, brought home because it struck my fancy or given to me by a friend, I pretty much can remember where and when and why each came into my possession. So as I sketch, memories flood back (as you can read if you click on the picture for the larger version) and I can relive a bit of that moment from the past, and often recall a special person as well.

So why wouldn't I look forward to choosing another cup each day to spend some focused time with? Studying the shapes, the shadings, the way the handles are attached, the glazes swirled is much different than just drinking my morning coffee from them. They each have a story to tell and I am enjoying listening to them without distraction. It's the point I was making to Charlton Stitcher in the comments on this post - that if I'm going to spend time sketching, I don't want to do it just to be doing it. I want to be intrigued in some way by the subject matter so I won't lose interest or feel I'm wasting my time. For now, these cups are filling the bill. 


Living to work - working to live said...

I just love your sketches of these mugs. I had every intention of doing a drawing a day this month but have failed dismally. You are inspiring me and I guess it's never too late to start. Mugs! What a brilliant idea when you have such a varied and eclectic selection. And what you've done here is, in a way, catalogue them all. Brilliant! Thank you

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks, Hilary! I agree that it's never too late to start, setting up your own timeline. Any 31 consecutive days will work and then you may be so in the habit that you just keep going! And yes, it did occur to me too that in sketching these all in one place, I was documenting them, or as you say, cataloguing them. Not sure who would care in the future, but maybe someone would find it interesting. And if one breaks (which no doubt would break my heart) well, I'll have it preserved here.