Thursday, October 06, 2016

INKtober Challenge

For those of you who think I can draw so well, I offer contrary proof! Click on the photo to read what this is about and here to see what my model actually looks like. The challenge is the brainchild of Jake Parker.

If you'd like to join in and need prompts, here they are. But it's ok if you focus on a single subject (I'm considering tackling all my cups) or whatever strikes your fancy. The point is to just draw SOMETHING each day and nearly as important, show your work on or off-line.

I'm thinking Zentangles would count too so may throw a few of those in as well. After all, they are drawings in ink. Google on the hashtag and you will see plenty of examples from artists all over the world who are taking part (if they are not already showing up on social media feeds. Come on - it only hurts a little and you can only get better!


The Inside Stori said...

Well, I STILL think you can draw!!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes I can! But the operative word here is "well" which I can also do when I concentrate and put my mind to it! In this case I was trying to not spend a lot of time (I usually get so engrossed that a simple sketch can eat up an hour) and only use pen which eliminates being able to correct errors. In the past when I just used pen, I've surprised myself with how well it went, guessing that knowing I can't erase makes me a bit more cognizant of what I'm looking at. But wow, in this case it went horribly wrong at the outset!

I sketched the same mug today with two changes: I set it up on a little box so that I'd be looking at it with less of a downward angle, and I did an undersketch in pencil where I could erase erase erase until I got that dang handle right and the wide squatness of the mug itself. Then went over it in pen and much better!