Sunday, October 09, 2016

#INKtober Redo and Newdo

I took another stab at that first cup, doing a pencil sketch first, lots of erasing to get the handle and opening right before finishing in ink, and it is much better! I thought cups would be easy to sketch but as I moved on to a simpler one, I continued to be challenged by proportions and getting that handle right. I read once that ovals like are found at the top and bottom of glasses, cups, vases as they sit above or below eye level are difficult, and that the only way to master them is to just draw tons of them over and over and over. Not as a part of a cup or a glass but just ovals of varying shapes until you get the hang of it. I'll keep at my cups. 

Click on the photo to read the details. I am liking this idea of writing notes with my sketches, especially since I am trying out a set of micron pens that include 3 different sizes of points. Curious to see what difference using an 01, 03, 05 can make. Also puzzled by how much trouble I'm having erasing the pencil marks regardless of hardness or softness of the graphite or kind of eraser. Has to be the paper. I'm using a Mead brand Sketchbook of dubious quality, although it's supposed to be acid-free and lignin free. The graphite just seems to work deeper into the fiber of the paper rather than be picked up and removed by the eraser.

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