Friday, October 07, 2016

They're done, they're done!

Blue Swirl Front
This current batch of padfolios are totally done now. I did opt to satin stitch the Blue Swirls with the same variegated thread as used on the decorative stitching. As I worked my way around the edges, I found myself saying, "What are you afraid of, Sheila?" Indeed, fear rules when I start making thread choices and often I have nothing to fear. Well, except maybe running out of thread and discovering the spool is old enough that the company isn't making this particular one anymore. That last part is true, and I nearly did run out of thread.
Blue Swirl Back
 My customer opted to buy just one at this time, and this is the one she chose.
Blue Swirl inside
I really like the batik of the lining, the swirls echoing the stitching on the front. This padfolio has a velcro closure.
Light Thistle front
The lavender ones stitched with the "lovely leaf" motif have been named Light Thistle and Dark Thistle. The pattern was only meant to be the one side, and when I mirrored it for my purposes, the way the top leaf did not join up made me think of stylized thistles. My placement of the pattern on the flaps did manage to match up with the pattern on the front when closed.
Light Thistle Back
Although that thread really is variegated lavenders, it reads pretty much white on this fabric. The more plum perle cotton wrap picks up on some plum undertones in the handdye.
Light Thistle Inside
I also picked up on that bit of plum with the choice of batik lining and pockets inside.
Dark Thistle Front
Here's the dark version which had hints of blue and teal behind the lavender which accounts for the choice of thread and perle cotton for the wrap closure.
Dark Thistle Back
Again, the variegation of the thread is not that obvious on this handdye, but in person, the effect is quite lovely.
Dark Thistle Inside
The lining was an easy choice but pockets caused some angst. I pulled many fabrics before cutting these, then nearly discarded them for something else. But nothing else presented itself and on second thought, I decided they worked just fine.
Red Maple 1 Front
On Red Maple 1 I positioned the fabric so that the reddest part was on the flap. I found a bead the same color to use in the closure as well as a decorative yarn for the wrap.
Red Maple 1 Back
Although I didn't think so when I pulled this fabric from my snow dyeing efforts, it has so much depth and interest with streaks of blues and near lavender playing with the reds.
Red Maple 1 Inside
Inside these dark reds with black worked well with the red in the cover.
Red Maple 2 Front
And although cut from the same fabric, the other Red Maple padfolio had a different vibe, slightly different colors, and called for a more pink bead for the closure.
Red Maple 2 Back
 A lot of depth in this part of the fabric too, but a softer red somehow.
Red Maple 2 Inside
Which required a totally different choice in lining and pockets. I'm still quite taken with this one and may set it aside for myself, at least for awhile. I've done this before with favorites before I've let them go.
I have another customer to show these to first, and then the rest will be available for purchase. Click on any photo for a larger view to see details.


The Inside Stori said...

As a fortunate owner of one of Sheila’s padfolios, I remind readers….Christmas is coming….purchase one for yourself or as a gift….these beauties are great in every way.

Chris said...

Sheila, hip hip hurray!!

Mary is right. Sheila's padfolios are great and won't last long so grab one now.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for the endorsement! So happy you are pleased with the ones you own. :-)