Sunday, October 22, 2017

Third Week and Still #INKtobering

The third week of a month long challenge can be the make it or break it week for me. I had  an unusually busy week of meetings and appointments, and even if I hadn't, it would have been very easy to say I didn't have time for the sketching, should be using my time another way. It's that mid-race slump where your mind is apt to try to talk you out of finishing. But I soldiered on, with only one misstep (no pun intended). There was one pair in which my over-confidence was put in its place! Can you guess which one?

One week and a few days to go. I've done a count of what's left to sketch and it looks like I'll have just enough shoes to finish out the challenge. Others are telling me that they can see my sketching improving, and with these last two pairs, I think I now can see it too. Plus I've gained a new appreciation for what I have available to put on my feet, and see that some of them have been collecting dust for no good reason. It's been fascinating to observe each shoe's construction as well, just how the detailing was done, the variety of ways one can crisscross straps to create different patterns, how many shoes I own that have the overlapping straps and not just sandals. This week has been full of that kind of discovery.


The Inside Stori said...

Seriously, they all look just great….I’m awed!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks, Mary! This group did for the most part turn out really well. It's those Arizona Jeans Company shoes that got away from me. It was fun to draw them in pink, but I didn't have a pen color for the orange that's also in the fabric and I got very frustrated trying to shade without that second color so that it looked like the hand-dyed-like fabric covering. Angles got off too and in frustration I quit before dealing with the insides except for a bit of shading. I really didn't think these would be that hard!