Sunday, October 01, 2017


Keeping it simple on October's pocket calendar spread which gave me a light and airy page that does not speak to traditional fall colors. The leaves have barely started turning color here, so it is just as well. Quick! What do you call a two-color palette? Yeah, I couldn't remember either, but I found it fun to limit myself to just green (two shades) and yellow. Maybe there isn't a term for it, but instead a term for where those two colors lie on the color wheel. Without purposely thinking about it, I've chosen an analogous scheme which is two colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Can you spot the motif that tested where the color would go and made me change my mind about that?

It's also time for INKtober again, that challenge to draw something with pen and ink each day of October. Last year I decided to draw all my cups and mugs but got a late start. This year I remembered it was coming up and have settled on drawing my shoes and boots. Time to get the gel pens and fountain pens out for some daily exercise! Why not join me? The rules are simple and there's even an official list of daily prompts if, unlike me, you are at a loss as to what to draw. Visit the official INKtober site at  for everything you need to know about INKtober plus a great review of Jake's favorite pens.

To see my sketches from last year, visit these posts:



The Inside Stori said...

I continue to be so impressed with your pencil/ink skills…..really so darn inspiring!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Sheila. Hope you get that lovely bed quilt that you showed a few posts back finished. Gorgeous. Lately, what with the house painting, I only get to sketch when it's errand day. Evenings are for stitching. Good luck on the Inktober and have a great Fall! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. It is always appreciated. best, nadia

Lucia Sasaki said...

Hi Sheila!
Beautiful spread!
Here in Guarulhos city started to rain, thanks God.
There are many ipé trees blooming as well mango and avocado trees. It is great because in December/January we are going to have many mangoes and avocados to eat!!
I decided to join Inktober for the first time. I watched some videos in Youtube and one of the vloggers counselled to make a summary or tumbnails of all I thought to draw. I liked this idea and made mine, following the official prompt list. It is a good intelectual exercise. My drawings are very simple though.
Thanks and happy October!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Ah, I forgot... I discovered last week in Instagram that there is an artisan there in Idaho that makes handmade watercolors.
Her name is Tanya and one of her websites is
Great week!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks Mary. I have to admit, I sometimes impress myself as well. I really do quite often go into it with the idea of I'm not very good, and struggle getting parts of it to my satisfaction. But as I look back at old drawings, like my cups from last year, I'm tempted to ask, who did that? Couldn't have been me!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Hi Nadia! So nice to hear from you and know that you've been following along. Yes, I MUST get that bed quilt done - I'm very close and I like it so much. Seeing what you are working on right now while attending to "the day job" of keeping your place up makes all my excuses for not working on it to shame. :-)

The Idaho Beauty said...

Lucia - hooray! I look forward to seeing your INKtober sketches with this approach you discovered. And thanks for the nearby source of handmade watercolors. I will check it out!

Glad to hear you have gotten some rain as we have. Sunny days are nice for us but the plants need both sunny and rainy ones.