Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ArtWalk Installation

I gathered my quilts and everything else needed for my portion of the ArtWalk Exhibit at Taylor-Parker Motor Company, and headed over there this morning. Push pins, putty, signage, artist statement, hammer, level, lint roller...everything but a camera! So the only picture I have to share today is the map above showing you where all this happened.

With the exception of my open house, I don't think I've ever hung my own work, so was feeling a little intimidated by the long stretch of blank wall and only 6 quilts to arrange on it. Fortunately, two of the organizers were there to give support and lend a hand. I had to laugh - Carol just grabbed a quilt and started arranging, pausing long enough to see if it was alright with me. "Oh," I said to Sue, "I can see she's a get up and go person and I'm more of a stare and ponder person." In no time, we had them in place, they rushed off to their next meeting, and I remained to do a little tweaking. I don't want to leave the impression that they totally took over. Carol kept double checking with me and encouraging me to step outside to see if I liked the way it looked from the sidewalk. Oh, my! All that natural light through the plate glass windows made my work look fabulous!

The tweaking involved using that level to straighten a couple of quilts, applying the putty to the pushpins and pushing the dowel ends into it so there's no chance of a quilt ending up on the floor, then running the lint roller over each piece. What a luxury to attend to each of these details, to primp over my pieces, making sure everything is as perfect as can be. Can't tell you how many times in the past I've arrived at a traditional quilt show where my work was entered only to find it hung in a less than wonderful spot and needing a thread or two removed. To say I am pleased with today's outcome is an understatement. Now I can relax and enjoy the experience of being a part of ArtWalk 2008.

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