Friday, June 27, 2008

Someone Knows Me Too Well...

This envelope arrived in yesterday's mail. I couldn't imagine what my friend was sending me - it felt like a sheaf of newspaper clippings, or maybe some fabric. But no - it is real birch bark that she peeled off a tree near her home. because it made her think of me and my "affinity to birch trees." I've peeled small strips on occasion, but have never been able to get the big pieces like this. Thanks!

Oh, and she added that I don't have to use it. Mmm, maybe she doesn't know me well. I've experimented with different ways to attach birch bark to cloth because I'd like to incorporate real bark on a piece I have in mind. The picture above is my January 2004 journal quilt trying one method that I didn't care for (fusible web - the heat of the iron turned the white surface tan). Is this the prod I need to haul out the fabric and proceed?

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