Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A bit of Frivolity

Since I'm still in that mode of working on a project for which there's nothing new to share, I'm sharing instead this sculpture installation located in downtown Sandpoint. The rabbit amuses me so. But he is just one part of it.

Here's the two pieces that comprise this work, named "Pace Yourself" by Bob Lindemann I believe. I couldn't find anything about him or this work on the Internet. I can tell you that the crow is not a part of it. He flew in just as I took the picture.

I find this pretty good advice, by the way. As I continue to wait for my machine to be repaired, I've calmed myself about all I COULD be getting done if I had it back, and busied myself with those lower priority items I find difficult to make time for - even now. The weather has been so lovely that I've spent the last two afternoons sitting outside basting the last of the applique sashings for my cousins exchange block quilt. Earlier today, I got out the border strips I'd started designing at the retreat, resolved the turn of the vine at the corners and drew out the top border. Now to find some lettering I like to spell out "Cousins" for the center of the top border.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of like the sculptures near the World's Fair in Spokane!