Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Play

I've joked to myself that I've needed "hand" therapy this last week. Not the type of therapy to ease the pain of an injury to the hands, but the type of therapy to relax & calm my whole self. Hand sewing usually has that therapeutic effect on me, and while nothing in particular was going on to make me tense or worried, I kept reaching for it. Anything, it seemed, to keep from sitting at the machine. I even hand sewed the hems of a pair of pants that needed shortening! Today the weather turned cold and rainy so my hand therapy took the form of playing with Shiva Paintstiks.

I've been wanting to do a rubbing of that cross since I got it for Christmas. As you can see from the picture above, its highlights transferred quite nicely. Then I chose a rubbing plate from a set I'd bought when I purchased the paintstiks to fill in around it. I may go back in with acrylic paints to add a yellow glow around the cross.

I tried a different rubbing plate and a lighter paint on this piece but wasn't happy with the results. So I slipped another pattern back under the fabric and rubbed with the darker paint. Better.

I'll need to work more with these oil-based paints before I make a judgement about them. Right now, I'm sitting on the fence. And thinking about reading up on them. I found this tutorial which may be of help (This Is My Brain On Quilts blog). And of course, I have magazine articles and books that reference them too. Aren't you proud of me that I didn't waste my play time today doing research?

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