Thursday, February 05, 2009

Frost & Lines

We've had lots of fog lately. I've woken the last two days to trees trying to convince me it had snowed overnight, but in fact, they are just covered with frost from the fog. Today, I took a photo walk to try to capture some of this effect. Above is a closeup of a huge pine tree.

By the time I got out to do this, some of the frost was melting off and the light wasn't the best. While I could see frost shimmering on the slender whips of willow branches, I couldn't capture the effect on camera. So I just stood under the biggest of the willows and pointed my camera straight up into the tangle of branches.

You just KNOW I can do something with these curving trunks!

Click on any of these pics for a larger view.

If you are a relatively new reader, you might be interested in this 3-year old post where I talk about how I see and this one that shows how I have converted this inspiration into my work. There are more pictures there of trees, of course. I may have to review this to see if I still see the world around me in quite this way. I suspect it may have shifted a bit.


RHONDA said...

Oooh, I like the frosted pine tree! Nice photo.
These photos are also just what I need. It's about $2 degrees C outside at the moment (that's about 108F), so I'm sitting inside trying to stay cool

quiltcrazygal said...

Love your photos and your quilt is awesome! So pretty. Jenna Louise

Sheila said...

Thank you for posting your 2 previous posts. They were fun reading. I also look at nature from a design/what could I do with this perceptive. But, I'm not as good about translating them into fiber as you are. Interesting post.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh Rhonda - you poor thing! I don't do well in heat, I start withering when it gets to 90 degrees. Bask all you want in my cool pictures.

Thanks, Jenna Louise & Sheila for your comments. Glad you are enjoying these posts and like the quilt. I have so many nature pictures that I don't know what to do with - it just LOOKS like I'm good at translating them into fiber. vbg Sometimes those influences just sneak in while other times I make more of an effort to use them. It's an on-going education.