Monday, February 09, 2009

Unseeable Progress

I don't want you to think I'm not doing anything, I'm just not doing the type of quilting that shows up in pictures yet. The Crowsfeet quilt has gotten its first stabilizing lines of quilting, stitching in the ditch of the seams between the blocks, long, loong, looong lines of stitching in many cases. But the guiding ditches run out at the border, so I extended them with painters tape. Regular masking tape would work just as well. Since I'm not concerned with perfection, this is quicker than marking with pencil, more durable than chalk.

Now I am filling in the grid lines between the rows, using the seams in the blocks as my spacing guide. Rather than lay down more tape to guide me across the open spaces of the alternating plain squares, I've attached the metal guide to my walking foot. You can see it here on the left of the foot, running along the already quilted line. This is going to take awhile.

I'm using Hobbs Organic cotton batting with scrim. Not sure why I have it in my batting collection, but by the description, I gather it is similar to Warm & Natural cotton batting (quilt up to 10 inches apart!). But I think it is nicer, a softer hand, and it's organic!

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