Monday, February 16, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

I worked steadily on my crowsfeet quilt last week, but weekend arrived before I completed all the quilting. I really wanted to keep plugging away at it, but the adult in me wagged a finger and said I had to be responsible, switch my emphasis to tax matters over the weekend. But today I could get back at it, and to my surprise, I finished the rest of the quilting in a few hours. I truly thought I had at least two sessions worth left, so this indeed was a pleasant surprise to find myself ahead of schedule on the very first day of the week!

Perfection it is not. The grid lines are anything but straight and even. But then again, once it is finished, I don't think that will be terribly obvious. And if it is, it really doesn't matter.

While quilting along, I was reminded of one of the advantages of doing one's own quilting. It's an opportunity to spend extended time with the different parts of the top, revisit fabric combinations, soak up the interplay of line and color and pattern and value. I discovered two blocks in particular that I decided were my favorites even though their individual fabrics were not at the time I put them together. I was choosing combinations more for variety, to flesh out the color scheme and balance the fabrics in the blocks made by others. Over the week spent, not in construction, but in observation of the quilt top, I grew to like and appreciate it much more than when I first finished putting it together. If I had sent it off to a quilting service, I'd miss that extra interaction, that second chance to really get to know my quilt.

It also gave me time to contemplate the binding. I'll be using the border fabric after all, cut selvage to selvage. That process begins tomorrow.


Nora said...

It's quite lovely.

Sheila said...

Don't look at the cross-hatching that is not "perfect". The overall effect is very pleasing. Cross-hatching is wonderful and a great compliment to your quilt.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks! I know from experience that the "flaws" like the slightly off grids will catch my eye irritatingly for awhile, but eventually I won't notice them anymore. But lordy, would I get an earful from a quilt judge if this were headed that direction!