Thursday, February 12, 2009

Playing with Cardboard

Before I sat down to quilting this morning, I did a quick trial of an idea I saw on Karen Stiehl Olson's blog. It utilizes the inside of corrugated cardboard as a stamp to transfer lines to cloth. Just tear back the outer paper to expose the corrugated stuff in the middle. I was in a hurry so just grabbed a swatch of fabric and a stamp pad to give it a go. No reason why you couldn't use paint applied with a brush.

One of the pieces of cardboard had a tear strip on it - you know, the thing you pull to open the package. That's the print that shows a solid line going down through the middle of the row of short lines. I can see real possibilities for different interesting effects. The cardboard could be cut into various shapes, with wavy edges, with some of the outer paper remaining.

The most interesting design, though, came from inking the cut end of a piece of cardboard (it's on the left of the top picture). If my surface had been padded better, I would have gotten a cleaner transfer of ink. Click on either picture for a larger view.

Of course, I'm sure placing the cardboard under cloth and either dry brush painting or rubbing would give interesting results too. But I left that for another day. Instead, I finished the diagonal grid stitching in one direction on the crowsfeet quilt. That felt like real progress! I'm more than half way to done.


Dale Anne said...

Isn't this FUN!!!
The possibility of ripping the cardboard into different shapes, or just straight for that matter.
I just LOVE all the POSSIBILITIES!!!

bj parady said...

Way cool and just what I needed, something else to try...thanks, I think

margaret said...

What a great printing tool -- so versatile!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I expect you all to give this a go and post your results on your own blogs! Chop chop!!! VBG

RHONDA said...

Oooh! I can see lots of possibilities here. I especially like the results of the cut one - it looks like a dragonfly wing to me!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Rhonda, you are not the only one to see the dragonfly wings. I shared this with my Yahoo Surfacing Group and they pointed it out to me. It was a DUH moment...I knew that shape was reminding me of something!