Tuesday, February 03, 2009

On a Roll

Oh, look...it's a work table capable of doing work on. Compare this picture to how it looked a week ago here. Yes, I can't stop now that this crowsfeet quilt top is ready for layering just because there's no room to lay it out. It bends my rule of how I planned to clear off my work space, but not to worry. I carefully removed the various stacks to my bedroom down the hall and they can be re-installed once this is all pin-basted. In the process, I found a few things I could actually put away, which was good news.

Thanks for the comments on this quilt. Yes, Chris, it's the imperfections that often draw me to an antique quilt and, though not blatant, the little things that are off in this quilt make it fit nicely into that tradition. And since it isn't destined to be scrutinized by the quilt police, there's no point spending a lot of time to make every little thing perfect. Welcome to the blog, by the way. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Katney, thanks for your thumbs up on the triangle/border fabric. Although a little fussy to work with, I really like the effect of the stripe which makes the center portion look like it's floating. Plus you can't imagine how good it feels to finally use up all those yards of fabric bought many years ago!

I constructed this entire quilt top on my old Viking 990, which performed flawlessly. Basic seam sewing is what it excels at, although it occasionally gets cranky and skips stitches or breaks the top thread. Not this time. It was almost like it was showing off, especially when the new Sapphire arrived and got set back up. I could almost hear the old 990 saying, "See? She may have bought you for your newfangled bells and whistles, but she always comes back to me. While you're off in the shop, I'm right here keeping production going." It's right, you know. I DO think of it as my reliable work horse and I never plan to get rid of it, no matter how cranky it might get.

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