Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bountiful Plums

Yes, it's that time again...and as usual, canning is the last thing I feel like I have time for!


June said...

plums? Ours have been scrumptious -- both the ones from Zupan's and the ones from Jan's tree. I'm thinking of making something from them -- but don't worry -- I'm a long way from actually opening up a recipe book.

Terry Grant said...

Here's what I do with plums:

I think they are the most beautiful fruit--such luscious colors!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for the link, Terry. What a cool quilt! And conserve...mmmm. Back when I was doing lots of canning, I had several conserve recipes I liked for a change of pace.

I'd not run into small golden plums like on my tree before, have no idea what to call them, but like your green ones, they are sweet, and good fresh or in things. I also have some blue plum trees, but the fruit didn't set this year - were maybe a dozen plums over 4 trees! That's ok, I still have jam I made from them last year. They were surprisingly tart and made excellent jam.

Have you tried making chutney? I have recipes for both apple and pear chutney from the days I had a pear tree and a neighbor with an apple tree. I'm thinking about finding a plum chutney recipe for some of these golden plums.