Thursday, September 24, 2009

Enjoying Extended Summer Weather

Oh, it was WAY too nice to stay inside today. I think we broke a record with our 86 degree high, and if it weren't for a few splashy trees like the one above, one would have no clue it was officially autumn.

So rather than head for the studio, I headed for the car. I've been meaning to take some pictures in a certain area of town, and today seemed a good day to do it. This iconic landmark is perhaps the tallest building in Sandpoint and can be seen from several miles away. Difficult to get a clean shot of it what with all the power lines draping around it. It has made its way into many a local artist's work.

Then there's this tipsy garage. It's been leaning to left ever since I arrived here and probably is not in danger of toppling over any time soon.

On the way back to the car, I noticed this tree. With all those 90 degree angles, it was as if the tree had thrown up its hands over something.

Once home, I watered the garden and picked more plums and a few tomatoes. Mmmm...fried green tomatoes.

Then I took my lunch out onto the porch and read a bit, but I was too antsy to while away the afternoon being unproductive. While it is not starting something new as I thought I might today, it is something I haven't picked up in awhile. This is the first rendition of Azalea Mosaic which was my "sit outside with the dog" project of last summer. I made good progress and it allowed me to stay outside enjoying the warm weather.

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