Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kaleidoscope Effect

One of my favorite effects to play with in Corel Paint Shop Pro is the kaleidoscope. I choose a picture, open up the effect and start running through randomized settings, letting the program adjust the 8 different modifiers that create the kaleidoscopic manipulations. Click on the picture below for a full size view of this screen capture of my program in progress. The little cube that looks like dice under the preview window is the randomizing button.

The results vary widely and sometimes with little recognizable connection to the original design source. All kaleidoscopes here started with the photo of my nephew and cousin AC.

I've done this enough now that certain results are recognizable, regardless of what photo I start with.

That is why I was puzzled when I kept coming up with such similar patterns as I worked with the photo of my nephew and cousin AC.

I realized that because I wasn't paying attention, I'd stumbled upon a different way to use the effects Normally, I keep hitting the random button until I see something I like and hit "ok." I then save a copy, undo the effect, and start again. This time, I'd saved a copy, but forgotten to undo the effect before beginning again, so the effect was now working off the last effect. This gave me ever more intricate designs with less and less of the green and red of the original picture as I continued saving a copy without undoing the previous edit. Very interesting. Here are some more variations showing the increasing intricacy (click for larger views):


June said...

I always loved kaleidoscopes -- the originals, made of cardboard, where you turned the wheel and the colored pieces moved and got mirrored. It seemed like magic.

I've never tried it on the computer, though. It might just suck me in until I was undone.

By the way, I now have some panels that just might become something to send for the challenge. Totally new stuff -- just started tonight. So now I have 48 hours............

margaret said...

The black and red is very simple but has so much movement! It might make a rather disturbing quilt......