Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Imagine This" Virtual Tour

Last night was the opening reception for the POAC Exhibit "Imagine This." It was well attended and as always, I loved getting direct feedback on my work. They found this little space between door and window on the second level for my Bishop's Close art quilts. I printed up a brief explanation of their inspiration along with June's painting, and many were entranced by the story. One woman stopped in her tracks and said, "I've been there!" She admitted it had been 15 years, but she used to live in Portland and thought I'd gotten the feel of the place. Cool!

Before the reception, I quickly took some pictures of some of the other art in the exhibit. All media were represented, included jewelry and sculpture so there was something for everyone. Above is the color version of the artwork used on the promotional postcard. It is silk batik by Carolyn Doe. She is a master of this technique.

I particularly like this multi-panel painting by Betty Billups called "Last of Sandpoint." It is a stretch of Sand Creek as it flows through town that is being transformed by a highway project. Gone now are those cottonwoods and the thick rope generations of kids used to swing out over the water. She hit upon the idea of painting in panels after finishing a large mural and realizing she'd need a truck to transport it. This was one of my favorites.

Another favorite was the work of Stephanie Bozich. I thought this was acrylic, but it is oil She leaves no brushstrokes or texture whatsoever on the canvas. Very powerful pieces.

On the left is work by Bonnie Shields called "Plan Your Work." She is well know for her humorous art. On the right is digital renderings by Stephen Wylie.

These photographs are by Nancy Russell.

The papier mache artists never fail to amaze and amuse me. My apologies for not getting the artist's name. I didn't quit catch the encaustic work on the right, but it was lovely.

The rest of my pictures include a variety of mediums that show how wide ranging the art and subject matter of this exhibit is. Well, worth seeing.


Chris said...

Nice exhibit, there really were a lot of different things. It looks like you were the only fiber artist, well except for the silk batik. Nice job!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks, Chris! Yes, there are at least half a dozen members who fall in the "fiber art" category, most of whom make quilts of some kind (I've questioned in the past about some work being more contemporary quilting than art quilting). But I was the only one to enter work for this particular exhibit. It felt a little lonely. ;-)

June said...

Your work looked great -- the two pieces compliment one another really well. Of course, I'm taking partial credit (sort of like taking credit for Jan (our daughter's) painting because I helped bring her into the world. The credit is pretty miniscule --snort--

Nice job. And good photos of the other work, too. I liked seeing what caught your eye.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ah, June, you can take more credit than that! vbg I was truly glad to have the two to hang together, and without our challenge, I fear I would have had nothing at all to hang. It was interesting to see how people reacted to the different styles. Only one loudly proclaimed she like the Meditations piece better, but it was getting just as much close inspection as the other one. I think people could relate more easily to the less abstract of the two, didn't have to think much to figure out what they were looking at, and so were more inclined to comment on it.