Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Little Stamping

I've been pondering how to use my new button booklet; one of the first things to come to mind was to use it for Zentangling in something akin to ATC size as the example in this post. And then the thought went a step further. One of the Zentangle books from the library showed Zentangle-inspired art created around rubber stamp images. I have quite a collection of commercial rubber stamps that I have used very little; perhaps this would be a good place to put them to work, and give me a starting point for my Zentangles. But where exactly might my stamps be? Still in a box in the garage, not unpacked since the move last fall. Fortunately, I found them in the top of the box marked "Art Cart" and yes, the box was even sitting on said art cart. Isn't it grand when things work out?

I knew I had a stamp pad I'd never opened, and was hoping it was still good. Oh yes, this is marvelous ink in a sepia tone.

It gives such good coverage that it shadows through on the back side, so there will be only one Zentangle per sheet of drawing paper. That's ok, perhaps even for the best. Does this stamp not have a tranquil feel about it?

I've stamped all the pages with the commercial stamps except for the last one. You may remember these from my lino class. I used the Versatex stamp pad with black ink here and on some of the other pages - it did not shadow through like the other and seems to be a different consistency, a little stickier. As you can see, I had the same problem with coverage with the lino block as I did with the paints in the class, but the stamp pad ink picked up fine on the stamps made from erasers.

Now to slowly and leisurely Zentangle and/or embellish with colored pencil each unique page...

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