Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's that?

Still muddling about with organization (setting things straight for impending company as well as organizing and weeding out files and e-mail on the computer), still pondering next steps in either art quilt idea waiting for me. But what's that I hear, that muffled voice emanating from a closet in the studio? Ah yes, it's the 1/2 square triangle quilt all layered and pinned for machine quilting, stuffed away when all that other quilting of the last few months took precedence. Well, I said I was going to heed the call of whatever was calling, and it's been on my mind to get it quilted during this summer lull, before I get swept up in deadlines and responsibilities again. Frankly, all I want to do today is sit at the machine and sew. No planning, no designing, no decision making, just sewing.

Well, I did have to make some decisions before putting this under the needle but only two: thread and how to quilt those seams that have no ditch since I ironed the seam allowances open on them all. I thought I'd be using invisible thread, at least on the top. Something urged me to find a sturdy thread for the bobbin (this quilt will be snuggled under and washed), and I liked how this peachy beige read across both fabrics in the backing. It's Connecting Threads "Essential" 50 weight cotton thread.

To my surprise, I liked it on the top too, so bye bye invisible thread. As to dealing with the ditchless seams, I'm just quilting a few threads away from them using a walking foot, figuring that once done and washed, the batting will be fluffing enough to mask the inconsistencies. And I do like the look of the thread showing. Now back to the machine...


Chris said...

Isn't it nice to do some "mindless" sewing? The art quilts are so taxing sometimes that it is nice to sew without all of that thinking! Love the thread choice.

Mary Stori said...

Really good decision to go with a neutral thread color.....I'm guessing you'll enjoy the extra texture it will provide! Sometimes we (at least I do) can get bogged down on preconceived notions that it's difficult to move on....this new direction is smart.