Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Today seemed a good day to spend some time putting things away in the studio and documenting the work I've finished in the last few months. It's hot outside, never really cooled off last night, and so the air conditioning has been kicking on and off most of the day. This tells me it's better to be inside working than dealing with the heat. So not much interesting to share today, or for the next few probably, as I catch-up and straighten up, but I did take a few minutes to add some color to this stamped page in my button booklet. I'm using colored pencil and working right over the black ink. Haven't decided yet if I'll add some doodles or Zentangles, but I'm pretty sure I want to. I am finding this one of the nice things about working in a small format where something is set out on the pages beforehand: I can do a little to whatever page strikes my fancy (this happens to be the last page), and come back to it time and again to add more if I'd like. And it takes very little time out of my day, a relaxing little break.

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