Monday, July 22, 2013

Old and New

In what sometimes feels like another life, this was the sort of quilt I was focused on making - traditional designs using reproduction fabrics. I still love the look of these, love pulling one over me in the evenings, still have yards of reproduction fabric if I ever get the yen to make more. They are generally less stressful for me to work on so I keep the fabric and the design ideas in case I want a break...or need a gift...or even let my art quilting take a turn to include a bit of them. This is the one I mentioned needed broken quilting stitches mended and it is now all better.

So with that out of the way, I ponder what to work on this week, as I do seem to want to start on something new - a beading project or another "Rochester" inspired design. But dang...last week this thing popped into my head during yoga class, a simple idea that could have so many variations to it. "Go away!" I want to tell it. "I have two good ideas already in the queue..." And the more I look at it, the more I recognize its links to my traditional quilting roots. Well, we'll see who wins. 


Mary Stori said...

Oh I hear ya girlfriend....soooo many ideas....soooo little time!! I await the result of the battle!

June said...

I think "who wins?" is the wrong question -- or maybe the answer is "yes." No such thing as too many ideas -- it's what keeps us going:-)

The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, yes, June, we need those ideas, but there are times there are so many that they overwhelm me and like an unruly class of grade schoolers, they refuse to line up so I can get anything done. Someone always jostling to get farther up in the line, acting out to get attention. And sometimes it works! Yes, I do usually have more than one thing going at a time, but there's a limit! ;-) But actually, nothing in the works this week so time to pick and choose to get things rolling again. You're certainly rolling again which is good to see.