Wednesday, July 10, 2013


"Supplication" by Sheila Mahanke Barnes 2013 - Art Quilt 22" x 13"
Thanks to everyone who suggested a title for my latest hands quilt. Some of the not-quite-right words I'd considered were "release" (already used), "redemption" (but I'm really not looking for that) and "plea" or "penitence" or "petition" (close but not feeling right). Then in a flash while I was working and not thinking, "supplication" came to mind. It felt like what I was going for but I still hesitated. It was quite gratifying to have the very first suggestion from my readers be "supplication" and one other reader also suggested it. As I final check, I looked up the definition of supplication: a humble prayer, entreaty or petition; from supplicare "plead humbly". Well, that cinched it - everything I was thinking wrapped up in one word.

Not that there weren't some really good and tempting suggestions, verifying that my hands were indeed conveying a message. Check the comments on this post. I also got some good suggestions over on Facebook: "behold", "beseech", and "surrender" to name a few. But "Supplication" it is and it is now hanging in an exhibit (report to come). I'm glad I added the beading, although perhaps I should have chosen beads that showed up a bit better. The star shapes make those tic-tac-toe grids in the background fabric look more like they belong now plus give the piece a bit more interest, tying in nicely the supplication theme. Still, I found myself thinking something was missing to make it a bit better.

Thread painting on hand

And I didn't figure out what that was until it was too late to add it for this exhibit. In getting out older pieces for this display, I was reminded how often I used to add a bit of contrasting piping or couched decorative thread where border or binding meets the main body of the quilt. Often it is the one thing that brings the whole quilt together and makes it pop. I have been away from this too long! Head smacking at my tunnel vision, I quickly checked my stash and found something close but not right, yet close enough to show me my thinking was on track. So when this returns in September, I will be adding that bit of pop along the border...and then I hope this will feel complete.


Sherrie Spangler said...

Well, it's beautiful without the piping but I'm sure that will add a nice element.

Mary Stori said...

I love how this all came together....and the addition of beads....well....what can I say about that! Wonderful...

Lucia Sasaki said...

Very beautiful.
Thanks for sharing the process and letting us give sugestions.
It make me feel as having part in a community.
Congratulations for one more finished quilt!


The Idaho Beauty said...

Belated thanks, everyone!