Thursday, October 18, 2018

#Inktober Zentangle Trial and Error

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Turning the page again, it was time to try out and practice some new tangles. I have to confess, I was feeling no love while I worked on those on the 16th and 17th. This process, both Inktober and Zentangles, is supposed to be meditative and affirming, but I only felt frustration and defeat. Could not get a nice symetrical shape on the first one, could not follow the step-out of the second one which is just starting with 3 rice shapes placed in a triangle and continuing to add rice shapes to form an overall flower design.

So today I pulled out one I was sure I could do because it starts with a grid of dots like a peg board. Shoulders relaxed as I added the curves dot to dot to form the rice shapes. Joy returned adding the diagonal rice shapes overlapping each other. There was too much error in my trials.

The more I worked, the more ideas came to mind for variations which I eagerly tried. Some are looking very quilty. I think I could do something with these besides include them in a zentangle.


Michele Matucheski said...

And that, my dear, is the point of a regular practice. Especially when you work through the difficulties, make discoveries, and find the joy again--flowing like a river, unlocking more ideas. Glad to hear you found your groove again.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes, Michele. And your comment on the grid post a few days ago mentioning how they can be adapted to quilting designs, the last one on this post I realized, was working with the standard dot to dot curve lines of several continuous line quilting designs. I'm sure it would be quite easy to figure out how to add that diamond shape in the middle continuously!