Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A bit of Christmas

Here are two of my favorite gifts, arranged with some of the paper used to cushion the packages that were shipped. That's a set of leaf stamps that I've been coveting - undoubtedly easier to use than the actual leaves and available year round! And the bottle of wine gave me a laugh-out-loud moment or two. It arrived empty, with the explanation that after it'd been bought for me, it was discovered it couldn't be shipped out of state. It's called "Black Dog" with pictures front and back of a black Labrador, so you know why the sender thought of me! Pity her that she had to drink the wine herself before forwarding on the bottle...

And you've gotta know that I've gone over the deep end when I found myself more interested in that variety of wrapping paper than the actual gifts it protected. Seriously, I spent quite a bit of time pulling each out, smoothing it and wondering how I might use it in my art before I reminded myself - oh yeah, I wonder what the gift is. Good grief...

This one particularly interested me, as perhaps something that could lie underneath fabric before painting it so the texture would be picked up on the cloth. It looks like crepe paper to me, but not at all the flimsy stretching streamer kind I remember from High School Prom decorating days. This is heavy with a coating on the back - crepe paper on steroids!

I also got snow for Christmas...5 inches on Saturday, another 3 inches Sunday night, an inch last night. It's been steady flurries most of today; late this afternoon they have thickened so it looks like another inch or two by morning. I'm not complaining - I expect no less at this time of year. This is the view from my kitchen window taken on Saturday.

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