Thursday, December 07, 2006

Making the change

In a week, I will have officially resided in Idaho for 90 days, at which time I am required to have taken a written test to get my Idaho driver's license, and get Idaho plates for the car. I've nearly waited until the last minute, and decided I'd better do it today. So now I am officially an Idahoan again. And yes, the plate not only says "Scenic Idaho" but also "Famous Potatoes." And just to show you how nice everyone is here, the lady at the DMV rooted around in the boxes under the counter for a bit until she explained that she was trying to find a plate number that would be easy for me to remember! The first one she came up with was 9339, which was perfectly fine, but then she found this one which she thought was better. Now THAT'S service.

Speaking of famous potatoes, shortly after arriving here, I was reminded that there used to be a candy bar called "Idaho Spud" and I wondered if they still made them. Ah, yes - they do. And I'd forgotten that it was "the candy bar that made Idaho famous." Uh, really? I also seemed to remember that they weren't particularly good, but I bought one anyway for old time's sake. Oh, my...these really are awful, with a somewhat tasteless marshmallow center, similarly substandard chocolate and a coating of coconut. If this is what made Idaho famous, I cringe. More like infamous!

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Bill said...

Ah--your license plate. Now I can stalk you better!