Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Goals for Week of December 25

It's tempting to say, "Goals? What goals?" again, this being a short week between holidays, and weather permitting, with my plan to be gone for a few days. My mind is focusing on end of the month bills, thank you notes, what needs to be done for the trip, so it's not surprising I'd try to convince myself there's no time for the studio. Today was a good day, though, with me hunkering down to those tasks and getting more taken care of than I'd expected. I do want to get something done in the studio this week, and plan to take something with me to work on, so I took a few moments this afternoon to think about what that would be.

I met my minimum number of days, and exceed my minimum number of hours goal last week while working on the leaf print sheer piece. Didn't get Grid 2 couched since I decided the couching would be done as part of the quilting, so switched gears and got it layered for quilting. Didn't get to Grid 3 at all. I need some design wall space to arrange it on and the pinwheel quilt is in the way. So my primary goal for the week is to get the pinwheel quilt off the wall and layered for quilting. I'm not even going to think about minimum # of days or hours, just focus on the one task.
This will require washing & ironing new fabric for the backing, choosing and cutting a batting and probably safety pin basting the layers. I also like to run a line of hand basting all around the outside of the quilt top to stabilized the edge, then turn the excess backing over to the quilt top edge and safety pin it in place. This makes a tidy bundle for either machine or hand quilting, and I'm always glad I take the extra time to do it. I should have a good chunk of time tomorrow and at least some of Thursday to devote to it, and if I'm efficient, maybe I can even start the quilting. I also need to make a few notes in my tech journal. So here are the week's goals:
  1. Prepare pinwheel quilt for quilting, including prepping backing, layering and basting.
  2. Update tech journal - decor bond results

There's been lots of talk around the art blogs about end of the year assessments. You know, what did I accomplish this year, what can I take care of before the year is out so I can start fresh in 2007? And the big one, what are my goals for 2007? I've been known to work feverishly til the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve in order to finish a quilt so that it doesn't slop into the next year. But I don't have any of that feeling this year. I guess I'm so spent from achieving my goal to get moved that there's not much left for planning the future. I should have time to think on it while I'm away, and will take along a notebook so I can jot down my thoughts. Perhaps setting those year-long goals will be a goal in itself for the first week of January.

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