Saturday, December 16, 2006

Studio Setup

Thought I'd give you a quick tour around my studio, now that it is 99 percent set up. To the right is the machine I use for freemotion and embroidery work - a Viking Lily 535. It doesn't have many bells and whistles, but is infinitely better for the job than the machine on the left - my old warhorse Viking 990. Although they are the same brand, they have a few differences, one of them being the sound of the motor. The foot feeds are quite different too, and I much prefer the one with my old machine. If only I could somehow meld the best of both machines into one. I could certainly do everything with the newer machine, but the old machine has a sentimental history which will make it hard to ever part with. The sounds that it makes are so familiar as to be comforting, so as long as it chugs away with straight stitching, it will have a place in my studio. Besides, it is such a luxury to have two machines - each with their dedicated purpose and almost assuring me that I'll always have a working machine available as back-up should something go awry with one of them.

Here are two shots taken from the far end of the room. The closet is perhaps half the size of the one in my previous workspace, so it has been a challenge to find storage for what I was used to putting in there. Fortunately, there is a large linen closet right outside the door which had room to catch the overflow.

This shot shows the area I'm using for a design wall. I decided I could wrap around that corner because I doubt very much I'll be working on any really big quilts, and if I do, well, having that 90 degree angle might make it more interesting. The ironing board and second machine wedged in there makes it a little awkward, but I can get around the ping pong table to stand against the opposite wall when I need to get some perspective. Not perfect, but as Penny commented, "good enough" to get working.

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margaret said...

Looks like your machines are set at a good height -- what a good example -- my new one is too high, but its table has sentimental value. This needs a rethink!